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Player Name: Inigo
Player Contact: [ profile] schmendricks

Character Name: Anthony
Character Account: [personal profile] scramasax
Character Canon: Eternal Darkness

Character History: While Anthony's history is never elaborated on, the first few plain things about him are that he was a messenger in the Holy Roman Empire and loyal subject of Charlemagne himself. There is safe grounds for assumption that his life was auspicious and pleasant until January of 814, when the king was visiting one Oublié Cathedral in Amiens. A priest approached Anthony outside with a scroll, requesting that he deliver it straight to the emperor and before leaving making a point that the scroll was "for his eyes only".

So Anthony looked, suspicion and curiosity both piqued. And a spell lifted and blasted him off his feet from off the paper. Nothing seemed different by the time it had set in and he'd gathered himself, but he still rapidly connected the dots and rushed inside to warn Charlemagne
that he'd caught evidence of treachery.

Once there, as luck would have it, he found that the king was in the middle of a meeting and the door to the chamber was locked, and in the possession of the bishop. Things didn't seem that urgent just yet. Anthony figured waiting a little while wouldn't kill him - he ended up changing his mind. There had been a shut (but not yet sealed) coffin in front of the church, which one of the priests excused by saying one of his fellows had died in a fall. Fidgeting and not entirely convinced, Anthony ended up letting it fall open, revealing a dead priest, but not one who'd looked like he'd died in a fall. The priest was covered in blood with a hole ripped in his chest, like something had burst out from his insides. Naturally, the others noticed and decided to get out - without Anthony, who one handed a scramasax and ordered to warn the bishop. Just as well - find the bishop, open the door, reach Charlemagne.

He went upstairs to search and along the way walked onto no part of the church but a suspended walkway covered with screaming images of faces and lined with stone stands, two occupied by statues, one destroyed and the other of a young woman, leading very purposefully to a pedestal on which was mounted a leather-bound, bone-decorated book - the Tome of Eternal Darkness.

He took it, and on touching it, memories flashed through his mind from its periods of possession by two others: Roman Centurion Pious Augustus, who had proceeded to obliviously attach himself to the service of one of who-knows-exactly-how-many-really otherworldly gods called the Ancients and its plot to enter the world and to put it gently subjegate humanity to take it for itself; and Ellia, a Cambodian slave dancer who found the higher purpose that she wished for when she was chosen to protect the heart of "Corpse God" Mantorok and was subsequently killed.

When it concluded, he was back on the stairs and picked up where he left off, and was taken over by a vicious, burning wave of pain - the beginnings of the curse taking active effect. Still, he felt no different than previously once it subsided - nothing to distract him from his self-imposed mission, anyway. He searched the small library he'd entered and notably discovered a template for spellcasting called a Circle of Power on a desk, one of the runes needed to make use of it inside an urn (which he'd found by accidental breaking), and a switch opening a secret behind-the-bookcase passage.

After entering, he continued to make discoveries of note. Namely, zombies, facing full-on what it seems the Tome had partly indirectly sought to prepare him for through Pious and Ellia. And that the curse progressed over time, the further he went the more uncomfortable he felt, said discomfort transforming more and more intensely into pain. As for assets, he came across a double-edged sword a lost priest he protected from the zombies claimed the bishop had left behind and two more runes. With the three runes he needed to fill each of the points along the circumference of the Circle of Power, he gave spellcraft a try. The runes combined into an enchanting spell, which he tested on his and another broken urn, repairing them.

Three urns filled with water and a pressure plate later, Anthony found the bishop at a bizarre shrine, who attacked him for the Tome. The messenger boy lopped off his head in self defense. And took his key.

The curse was just barely bearable at this point. Anthony dragged himself back the way he'd come through the catacombs, hacked his way past a three-faced giant abomination called a Horror and zombies that had started to fill the lower floor, and jammed the meeting chamber key into its lock.

Once inside, he found the priests crowded around Charlemagne, who was dead already on the floor. Just then, another wave of the curse blew Anthony's consciousness and strength out of him and he fell beside his king.

For over another six hundred years, he was locked alone in the chamber, all the while the curse spreading and intensifying in waves and leaving him increasingly unrecognizable, both in that it rotted him away into something more only appropriately describable as a zombie and that the combination of nonstop physical and mental pain, nothing to think about but the despair, shame, and price of his failed mission, went beyond breaking him. The Tome also mysteriously left his possession, seeing new holders through entanglement with the Ancients' schemes, often to other disturbing fates.

One of them, he very eventually met, a Franciscan monk in 1485 (the time of the Spanish Inquisition) named Paul Luther, whose story is another one entirely. Anyway, he found the Tome in the cathedral, eventually found himself in the meeting chamber, and Anthony was long too far gone to do anything but mindlessly attack. Paul forcibly shut him down out of his misery - considering he'd already picked up the Tome by this point, most likely completely aware of the implications of the situation - and with some quick rites sent him to rest - with Mantorok's other Chosen in a statue of his own in the Tome chamber, from which he along with said others was temporarily summoned by one Alexandra Roivas for a last fight against Pious.

Character Personality: What's seen of Anthony indicates that he is a servant - in actuality's a given, but also by nature, taking his position with pride and seriousness, committed to serving. As someone who rubbed shoulders with and served nobles and religious figures ought to be, he ought to have aimed for reliability and responsibility as well as a mind for good conduct and social cautiousness, and giving off a collected, dignified, capable air.

Which is in contrast to the fact that he is a little naturally awkward. He's a bit absentminded and distractible, not to mention clumsy - the kind of person who thinks out loud, paces when waiting for something, and would knock furniture over leaning on it, all of this either seen or as well as; he does talk to himself onscreen (even before he begins going a bit crazy), he's restless enough attempting to wait for a meeting to conclude that he pries open a coffin out of suspicion when the person who causes his suspicion is standing right next to it, and drops and shatters an urn while looking it over.

Also given his apparently lucky and comfortable position, he may have had a somewhat rosy upbringing, but whether or not that's the case, he definitely seemed to have shades of naïveté, at least noticeably in his innocent all-for-the-best eagerness to please and dutifulness combined with impulsiveness outside of social situations. He is, however, the intelligent sort of scatterbrain, perceptive, well-educated and quick to learn and process (also reflected by his Magick meter - it's usually interpreted as reflective of a character's intellectual capacity, and his is in the above-average tier with mathematician Alex Roivas and adventure-archaeologist Edwin Lindsey), but he fed it with egregious, nosy curiosity. This is the very first and probably most distinct trait of his made obvious - his chapter opens with that fateful look at a scroll he is explicitly told is for "[Charlemagne]'s eyes only" as soon as he's alone.

Anyone can guess it's in a well-meaning way - you can't act on something you know nothing about - given his hinted suspiciousness and the fact that Anthony's loyalty is something that doesn't need a case. His entire chapter is a struggle for the protection of a leader to whom he is sheerly faithful. While he himself looks most certainly a follower more than a leader, seeing as he is evidently ready and willing to act independently according to his own judgment (again letting curiosity override and blatantly defy an explicit instruction), he would most likely have be honored to take up key responsibilities with enough pretty-pretty-please-we-have-faaaith-in-you.

It's without stabilizing sense of purpose that a target for his dedication or a clear way to proceed with tasks would give that the awkwardness and knack for stumbling into trouble would seem to particularly come in. He seems a little high-strung and for lack of a more elegant word vulnerable - let his sanity meter drop sufficiently and he'll descend into flat-out whimpering and sobbing, and as the curse advances, the confidence completely saps out of his air and expressions; he hauls himself on for the sake of his solitary mission to save the king whose name goes on to be the only word he is made out to say as an insane zombie of several centuries by Paul. The impression is that he defines himself with his loyalty and where it's placed, he exists to serve; the conclusion of his quest to warn Charlemagne followed by being shut alone to torture himself about it in the company of traitors was the absolute worst thing that could have happened to him, and again given submissiveness he might be the type to self-torture or assume blame when others suffer for his coming up short.

Mind you, while he would have been hierarchical and cautious around others, nervousness doesn't seem to extend to social situations. Anthony doesn't seem remotely daunted on the idea that he'll have to talk to, say, the emperor - comes with the territory and has probably happened before; from there he is probably content and honored to interact with anyone who he is confident he has the trust of. He is, however, likely... strait-laced, not keen on inching out of his boundaries or not acknowledging the gravity of a situation.

While he feels fear, anxiety, and fate bearing down, (all things that would likely be a bit exacerbated by the things he went through after taking up the Tome of Eternal Darkness - as an aftereffect of encountering classic things which man was not meant to know, he's probably still going to have an amount of occasionally-acting-up paranoid, hallucinating "Lovecraft insanity" in place,) however, anywhere remotely short of the critical breaking point, he is most definitely not weighed down any more than is physically forced (which isn't to say he wouldn't visibly shake in his boots while moving forward through danger) by it and is in fact very brave, adaptable, and overall steadfast, willing to pull himself through anything with sheer dogged force of will. He finishes what he starts, doesn't let any unresolved issue he is aware of completely out of his mind, and doesn't commit to anything or anyone halfheartedly - faithfully determined, bent on making the best of himself, for whoever he attaches to.

Monster Assignment: Player Pick - Gryphon
Monster Opt-Outs: N/A

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