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Anthony ([personal profile] scramasax) wrote2014-05-27 04:08 pm

OOC: Permissions Post [General]

Great by me!
Threadjacking: If no one else involved in the thread minds!
Fourthwalling: Give me a heads-up - but I'm not likely to tell you not to.
Offensive subjects: N/A.

Hugging this character:
It'll probably take him off-guard, and he'll be ambivalent about it to a degree depending on context, but go on!
Kissing this character: He'll probably be downright flustered, but again, I'm not stopping you.
Flirting with this character: Another go on! He's probable to be uptight about it, but he might try to politely return depending on where any CR stands beforehand.
Fighting with this character: All for it!
Injuring this character: If it heads toward anything severe, it'd be best for us to at least quickly double-check that we're on the same page first, but on the whole I won't say no to anything, and I'm open to roll with anything else!
Killing this character: Discussed ahead of time!
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Go ahead!

This post also doubles as an opt-out. Eternal Darkness is a horror canon featuring elements including sanity/insanity themes, gore, body horror, and more; plus Anthony himself is a (former) zombie. If there are any boundaries you'd like to set related to him, or if you'd rather avoid threading with him altogether, let me know here - comments are screened!